Role of Tantra - Mantra - Yantra in Human Life:

The Process of worship in Hinduism involves the use of three basic techniques, namely TANTRA, MANTRA & YANTRA. Tantra is a path of Devotion. Mantra is a path Knowledge and Yantra is a path of detached action. Tantra is derived from the root Tanadi Tanu (expansion) using suffix Shtran. it is systematic use of body and the mind as the physical instrument of divine realization. Mantra is derived from Matri Churadi by adding suffix Shtran. It is a invocation containing a sacred syllable . Mantra is uttered with specific rhythm, with sincerity of devotion and purity of thought and action. Yantra is the use of certain external objects, symbols to workship the divine. The act of folding of hands in front of the detiy is a kind of Yantra. it result is so powerful that anyone can be enslaved according to own desire and diseases can be cured.


    Tantra is a paths of the Tree of Life which is a map of the functioning of the human brain. Tantra proposes that a human being can achieve extremely high levels of spiritual consciousness via tantra meditation and various tantra practices. Prolonged activity, such as the Tantric rituals represent, always produce some fifth brain circuit activity. This also creates the strongest healing chemistry known for the human body.Karuna Anand is a Tantra Guru with a vast and in-depth knowledge of Tranditional and spritual sciences. He wrote a book entitled "The sidereal importantance in human life" in which he exaplain in detail about Role of Tantra in Human Life. Under ISKA Umbrella Human can learn various Tantra activity.

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    The word Mantra means a “word of power”. It is energy based sound. Mantras are extremely effective to awaken ones dormant divine spark. Chanting mantras is one of the easiest ways to experience the basics of authentic spirituality. Mantras are a part of alchemical transformation, transmuting the surplus of ones energy to create superior bodies and incarnate the divine. Param Pujya Karuna Anand explains the fundamental meaning of Mantra through various, Speech, articles. In detail he explain about Mantra in his latest book.

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    Yantra originates from "Yam" meaning medium and "Tra" meaining Instrument. Yantra is an instrument, apparatus or an amulet endowed with protective powers. A Yantra gradually grows away from its center in stages until its expansion is complete. The center of the Yantra is the power point from which the entire diagram expands, the radiating source of energy that generates all forms Yantra holds supreme status among all mystic sciences and disciplines. Tantric gurus have collectively declared yantra as the best medium for manifestation and wish fulfilment. There’s a lot of flimsy, false and fraudulent junk being hawked in the name of yantra and it becomes difficult to determine what you are actually getting. Pt Harendr Upadhyay Founder of ISKA, a practicing yantra therapist and an expert in Oriental studies. His study in to the realm of yantra and mantra therapy has helped and healed many people.
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