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'Karuna Anand’ is a devotee of Kali, an Astrologer, an expert in Ritual rites, a Unique practitioner of Energy, a Numerologist, an eminent Author, an Amazing practitioner of yoga, a warshipper of Non-violence, an Able orator, a thinker of New thoughts and an aspirant to the Divine bliss.
'Pt. Harendr Upadhyay' is Known as 'Karuna Anand'. It is his spiritual name.'Karuna' is one of the thousand names of Goddess Shakti (Universal Energy). 'Karuna' means compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, kindness and forgiveness etc.
These are the Qualities of Mother Kali (The Embodiment of Energy). 'Anand' means bliss, pleasure, happiness and joy etc. Pt. Harendr Upadhyay is a devotee of Mother Kali and he has attained the bliss of Mother kali, the Embodiment of compassion. That is why he is rightly called 'Karuna Anand'.

Devotee of Maa Dakshina Kali

Since time immemorial, Dakshina kali has been one of the most celebrated and important deities. Even at present she is believed to shower her grace on her devotees. The idol of Kali is an ideal and perfect manifestation and embodiment of the power element. It involves the mysteries of creation and annihilation which is beyond description.
The term ‘Kali’ literally refers to black complexion which is also supported by our religious scriptures. She said to be the most powerful of all the goddesses. She assumes various forms according to the need of hour, i.e. both benign and dreadful.


Pt. Karuna Anand” Makes predications with accuracy. His predictions are always satisfactory. Many predictions of “Karuna Anand” have come true. It is true that he does not like cheap popularity. He is a practitioner of Astrology, Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. He likes to predict only when it becomes necessary. The persons who are close to him, Know well that the predictions of Karuna Anand ought to be highlighted but Pt. Karuna Anand says that there is no need of such type of fame. Thus he foretells about the incidents only to save his followers from evil effects of the patient is minutely checked by the learned of planets.

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