Followers of ISKA as well as visitors of foreign countries who are interested to know Indian culture and religion often ask mentions. In order to answer the questions. ISKA has published books on Indian occult science and philosophy. Thus the main aim of publication is to spread the knowledge of the east all over the world. All books published by ISKA are for self – realization. HINDU GODS GODDESSES: Spiritual and scientific approach in English and Hindi is a unique work. “Valmiki Ramayan” is the first epic of Sanskrit. ISKA has published “Valmiki Ramayan me moolyabodha” written by Dr. M.P. Mishra in order to reveal the values of Indian life. Shakti Aradhana, quarterly research magazine is published to highlight activities of ISKA as well as new knowledge and science.

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On Bleassing of Maa Dakshina Kali, Pt. Harendr Upadhyay has wrote several books on oclaut science, Astrology, Tantra-Mantra and Hindu Gods and Goddess.

  • Hindu Gods Goddesses

    India is famous for rich culture and religion. In Indian religion a number of deities are worshipped in many forms. This book answers all the queries regarding the forms, food, clothes, weapons and vehicles of gods and goddesses. Why does Shri Ganesh like Durva (A Holy grass)? Why is vilvapatra dear to Lord Shiva? What is the secret of different incarnations of Lord Vishnu? And a number of other questions have been answered.

    Available in English and Hindi.

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  • Concept of Energy

    The concept of energy is pervasive not only in physics but in the rest of the sciences as well. The Sanskrit word ENERGY can be translated as meaning "power”. Most significantly, Energy or Shakti is an exclusively feminine principle. Shakti is synonymous with the great Devi, or the Great Goddess of Hinduism. Karuna Anand says Adishakti Ma Dakshina Kali is the First Energy of Universe and explains in detail in his Book. He says Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are helpless without her inspiration. She is omnipresent in Hindu society via her many forms. We worship her in form of Female but she is formless and takes different forms in order to fulfill the deed of deities.
    Available in English.

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  • The Sidereal Importance in Human Life

    The Book "Sidereal Importance in Human Life” by Pt. Harendr Upadhyay” Karuna Anand" is commendable work. After meritious research in field of Astrology, Tantra, Ayurveda and Yoga author describe basic views of occult science. This book gives many unanswered question of occult science. It is very useful to the readers who are curious to know about Indian occult Science.

    Available in English.

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  • A Scientific Approach to Religious Things

    Are Human beings naturally religious? Religion is a historical contingent, essential aspect of basic human being. Pt. Karuna Anand Through his book “A scientific approach to Religious Things" describes the great tradition of Indian Culture and Hindu Religion. In this book one can find explanation of different terms related to Indian religion and culture with scientific reason.

    Available in English.

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  • Worship of The Deities And Planets

    In Hinduism, Deities and planets are getting importance as they have significant effects on everyone's life and indwelling in Human bodies. In India there are traditional priest who performs worship efficiently. This Book by Karuna Anand explained many ignored/pending questions related to Hindu worship, such as why we worship, what is true worship, how quiescence religious sacrifice and etc is. Author has also explained methods of worship of different deities and planets. This book is very much useful to Indian and foreigner who want to know about Hindu Deities and Planets.

    Available in English.

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  • हिन्दू देवी - देवता

    1] अध्यात्मिक गुणों से विभूषित होते हुए भी हिन्दु देवी-देवताओं में मानवीय गुण क्यों मिलते हैं ? 2] देवी-देवता अलग प्रकार के स्वरूप, वस्त्र, अस्त्र-शस्त्र और वाहन क्यों धारन करते हैं ? 3] श्री गणेश जी को दुर्वा क्यों प्रिय हैं ? 4] भगवान शिव को विल्व-पत्र क्यों प्रिय हैं ? 5] देवी के वस्त्र का रंग लाल क्यों होता है ? 6] ज्ञान की देवी सरस्वति श्वेत-वस्त्र क्यों धारण करती है और उनके हाथ में श्वेत कमल क्यों होता है ? 7] भगवान श्री कृष्ण दाहिने हाथ में शंख और चक्र क्यों धारण करते हैं ? 8] हनुमान जी के हाथ गदा क्यों रहती है ? 9] देवी शीतला का वाहन गदहा क्यों है ? 10] श्रीराम के हाथ में तीर-धनुष क्यों है ? 11] त्रिशुल का प्रतिकात्मक अर्थ क्या होता है ? 12] कर्तिकेय के छः मुख क्यों है ? 13] हिन्दू मुर्ति-पूजा क्यों करते हैं ? 14] क्या देवी-देवता चित्रों मे रहते हैं ? 15] भगवान विष्णु ने विराट रूप क्यों धारण किया था ? 16] हनुमान, शिव और गायत्री के पाँच मुख क्यों हैं ?

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SHAKTI ARADHANA Published by ISKA Publishing is a Quarterly Research Journal and publishing since 2007. It has been given "ISSN"and RNI Numbers by Indian Government. Research articles in SHAKTI ARADHANA is written mostly by Young Research Scholars and Learned Professors related to Religion, Philosophy social Sciences, Literature and Science.
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