ISKA is an organization of learned scholars and devotees of Mother Kali. In the company of these persons one can get an opportunity to learn good conduct. Therefore, the membership of ISKA is appreciated by all. Evil thoughts find no lodgments in the mind of the members of ISKA.

Membership Terms & Conditions (ISKA):

Invitation & Benefits
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Membership in the International Society for Kali Awareness is open to all individuals who have firm faith in Adishakti Ma Dakshina Kali, The First Energy of the Universe. They will have to help the poor and down trodden persons of the society. They ought to be kind to the animals. They must have to work for the creation of pollution free- environment. They will do nothing against humanity. All papers are invited to submit applications for full membership in the society. They should demonstrate their engagement in activities related to the Society’s mission of scholarly inquiry into the relationships among human beings and their diverse cultures, environments, and religious beliefs and practices.
The benefits of membership include a free subscription of society's peer-reviewed quarterly Journal in form of hard copies and online access, reduced registration rates at Society-hosted and co-sponsored events, unique opportunities working as a regional Head of the society, taking part in research and teaching resources, and provide regular newsletters regarding new developments in the society.
Membership Types and Dues
Society Patron Membership – Any person having a scholarly interest in the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture shall be eligible to be a full member of the Society. Scholarly interest may be demonstrated through academic credentials (employed or affiliated with an academic or research institution) or, in the case of lay intellectuals, through a letter of motivation to the Society. Patrons with special invitations to Society events including meals with featured speakers, waivers of registration fees at Society conferences, and all of the Society's publications.
Society Patron Membership
Life Members – The colleagues who have distinguished themselves through life-long scholarship and service related to the goals of the Society. The status of Life Member shall be conferred by the Committee, with the approval of the Executive Committee, in recognition of significant contributions to the study of religion, nature, and culture and their interrelationships.
Lifetime Membership
Application & Payment
Prospective members can now join or renew very simple way, please print and fill out the PDF that contains the application and a membership fee and terms and condition. Then Please mail the completed application with a payment in the amount indicated with the guidelines as specified (in the prior section) to the society office at the address indicated at the top of the PDF document The society is happy to have your time and consideration; we hope you will join us today so as to enjoy all the benefits of membership.
Compliance with Policies Member agreesd to abide by, and shall have all applicable rights and obligations as set forth in the Bylaws and any additional policiesand procedures adopted by ISKA, as may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Bylaws.
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