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AIM of Society

ISKA are such society which form the core of a worldwide spiritual movement which aims at bringing intellectual awakening and transformation in Rural educational, economic, social and spiritual & cultural field. ISKA is a Spiritual, philanthropic, volunteer organization founded by Pt. Harendr Upadhyay "KARUNA ANAND" on Jan 2006. The Mission conducts extensive work in pollution and Plantation, social awakening, women development, culture activities, health care and etc. It uses the combined efforts of hundreds of followers/member and thousands of householder disciples. The society bases its work on the principles of Karma Yoga.

Spritual Discourses

The speeches of Pt. Karuna Anand are inspiring thought provoking and practical. The persons, who are desirous to know the secret of a happy, prosperous and peaceful life, must go through the spiritual discourses. Now a day’s people like to have beautiful possession, more and more riches and peace. Pt. Karuna Anand tells us the methods of fulfilling all desires of present era. There are problems of different kinds. For example same person are not satisfied with their married life. Husband and wife quarrel everyday. Such person can find a solution of this problem.
  • Plantation & Awaking

    Environmental Pollution has created havoc throughout the world. Water and Air are polluted. Pt. Karuna Anand and his followers are trying their best to bring social awakening against environmental pollution. Pt. Karuna Anand has Planted different types of Plants in his Paternal agricultural land which is registered by the Govt. of Bihar.
  • Food & Cloth Distrib.

    ISKA mission offers assistance and support to the most disadvantage people in the community. ISKA believes that helping the poor and the orphan is the greatest worship of Mother Kali. Throughout the year ISKA organizes programmers for the distribution of fruits, food and clothes among the poor and the orphans.

  • Maha Shakti Yagya

    Maa Dakshina Kali- the spiritual power house which energises millions of followers of divine mother, to get what they wish. To get blessing of Maa Kali, ISKA Organizes mahashakti yagya in different parts of the country. In kashi, on various occasion ISKA orgazanised Havan and Yagya. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Ji and Prof. Chandrama Pandey (B.H.U.) and Dr. M.P. Mishra
    (Principal) were present during Yagya at Kashi (In Photo). This Yagya is performed to get the blessing of Ma Kali for world peace.
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  • Social Awakening

    ISKA mission have several programme. one of the program is to spread social awakening in rural area to integrate rural culture and the development effort. For Social awakening ISKA takes active part in the Ganga Arati and the Social functions organized in Kashi. ISKA is trying to remove dowry system from the society. "ISKA" Gram Vikas (Rural
    developments) Kendra is an organization which works under "ISKA". Branches of this Kendra have been established in rural areas of U.P., Bihar and Orissa. In these centers the children of the poor are given training of cottage industries. In some villages, ISKA conducted evening schools for children.
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  • Women Development

    "ISKA" Mahila Vikas Kendra is an organization which works under "ISKA". Branches of this Kendra have been established in rural areas of U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. The mission aims at the empowerment of women, through forming self-help groups and encouraging their entrepreneurial or other wide range of activities.
    The purpose of the mission is to ensure that the women should no longer remain as passive recipients of public assistance, but active leaders in women involved development initiatives. ISKA gives training of Tailoring Knitting and Embroidery to women. In this way they have become self dependent. They are earning and supporting their families.

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  • Aarogya Programme

    ‘Aarogya‘ (complete health, a total well-being) , the Health program of ISKA Mission, draws its solutions from the fundamentals of our traditional knowledge. This includes maintenance of clean and hygienic household practices, healthy eating habits, physical exercises, yoga, herbal remedies and ayurveda, in order to prevent the occurrence of
    diseases. Economic and technological development has translated into threats to human health. This has made the society even more vulnerable to epidemic prone healthy body. Thus, achieving sound health at three levels – mental, physical and spiritual is top priority of ISKA mission. This also helps individuals build a strong immune system.
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