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International Society for Kali Awareness (ISKA)
International society for Kali awareness has been established for the good of the suffering humanity. The main aim of this organization is to spread the worship of Mother Kali and gain energy. Inspite of this fact social, cultural, economic, environmental and educational activities are on the top priority of ISKA. Pt. Karuna Anand, founder president of ISKA is trying to enable the people to get rid of mental pollution which is the root cause of corruption and social imbalance. He believes that social service is the best worship of Mother Kali, the epitome of energy. This universe has been created by her. When we help the poor and the downtrodden, we worship the great mother. ISKA want to launch job–oriented programmes so that ISKA may become a job giver not a job seeker besides all these aims and objectives Pt. Karuna Anand want to make a happy, healthy and respectful world through Astrological and tantrik treatments.
श्रीकाली उपासना महात्म्य
तेनाश्र्वमेध प्रमुखैर्यागैरिष्टंसु जन्मना।
दत्तं दानं तपस्तप्तमुपास्ते यसुकालिकाम्॥
ब्रह्मा विष्णुः शिवो गौरी लक्ष्मीर्गणपती रविः।
पूजिताः सकला देवा यः कालीं पूजयेत्स्दा॥
अश्वमेघ आदि प्रमुख यज्ञों में दिये गये दान और तपस्या का फल उसे प्राप्त होता है जो काली  की उपासना करता है। ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, शिव, गौरी, लक्ष्मी, गणेश, सूर्य सहित सभी देवताओं की पूजा हो जाती है, जो कि हमेशा माँ काली की पूजा करता है।
शक़्ति महिमा
“शक़्तिः करोति ब्रह्माण्डं सा वै पालयतेऽखिलम्।
इच्छया संहरत्येषा जगदेतच्चराचरम्॥
न विष्णुर्न हरः शक्रो न ब्रह्मा न च पावकः।
न सुर्यो वरुणः शक़्तः स्वे स्वे कार्ये कथञ्चन॥
तया युक़्ता हि कुर्वन्ति स्वानि कार्याणि ते सुराः।
कारणं सैव कार्येषु प्रत्यक्षेणावगम्यते॥“
शक़्ति ब्रह्माण्ड की रचना करती है। वह ही सब का पालन करती है। संसार के चराचर प्रणियों का इच्छानुशार संहार करती है। विष्णु, शंकर, इन्द्र, ब्रह्मा, अग्नि, सूर्य और वरुण शक़्ति के बिना अपने कार्य को नहीं कर सकते हैं। उससे युक़्त होकर देवता अपने कार्य करते हैं। वही प्रत्यक्ष रूप से सभी कार्यों में कारण स्वरुप हैं। (देवी भागवत)

शिवः शक़्त्या युक़्तो यदि भवति शक़्तः प्रभवितुं, न चेदेवं देवो न खलु कुशलः स्पन्दितुमपि।
अत्सत्वामाराध्यां हरिहरविरिञ्यादिभिरपि, प्रणन्तुं स्तोतुं वा कथमऔतपुण्यः प्रभवति॥

  • Pt. Karuna Anand

    'Pt. Karuna Anand' is a devotee of Kali, an Astrologer, an expert in Ritual rites, an Unique practitioner of Energy, a warshipper of Non-violence, a thinker of New thoughts and an aspirant to the Devine bliss.

  • Tantra-Mantra

    Tantra-Mantra is the very important form of deity. There are several types of Mantras, according to literal meanings, Mantra is that which protects us through pondering. Recital of Mantra protects us from rediation of evil elements.
  • Courses ISKA

    Our courses are very useful to the beginners as well as the priests who want to know more about Jyotish and tantra. The Prospectus will be sent after registration. The candidates may apply to the Director, ISKA Astro Research Institute.
  • Astrology

    Pt. Harendr Upadhyay 'Karuna Anand' is famous for the Astrological Treatment. After finding out the position of the planets and Nakshatras treatment of petient is started. Havan, Poojan, Ratna, Herb, and Donation etc.
  • Followers

    There are number of followers of ISKA. These followers work day and night without any monitary gaining, they render their free services for the development of ISKA. They hold different offices in the organization. There are some Persons who do
    not hold different services but work selflessly. Dr. M.P. Mishra (Vice President), Shri Shambhunath Gupta (secretary), Dr. sanjay Prajapati, Pt. Ashutosh upadhyay “Aparnanand”, Smt. Manju upadhyay,(Managing Trustee), Dr. Sarita Mishra and other respected persons are notable. Apart from Indian follower many International follower from all over the globe (Australia, UK, Japan, Europe, etc) are also associated with ISKA activity.
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Special Treatment
In the ISKA Ashram there is a good arrangement of Astrological and Tantrik treatment. Recitation of Mantras and fire worship are the most effective remedy of all difficult Problems. Besides these treatments, donation, stone-wearing and herbal medicines are also suggested for immediate relief. The Persons who are under the effect of planets or evil spirits may get valuable suggestions from Pt. Karuna Anand. For treatment firm belief is the first requirement, where there is lack of faith, there is no effective treatment. Apart from ISKA also provide various tye of treatment form mental and physical relaxation.

Our Treatment

Astrological treatment
Astrological treatment
Desires are common, problem and conflicts are frequent in everyone life.   Finding a solution and fulfilling your desires is difficult. When problem arises, people immediately approach an astrologer to get their reading and want to know what has happened, and usually astrologer informed to perform some remedies. Pt. Karuna Anand a learned Astrologer, after identify the cause of problem provide authentic remedies like recommending suitable gemstones, mantras and yantras for the malfic planets to neutralize their ill effects and through performing homa and havan. Since last two decades several people has been cured from various types of problem. Know More...
tantrik treatment
tantrik treatment
Pt. Karuna Anand is a real practitioner of Trantik treatment and having vast experience. He provides the solution of your problem through occult procedure which is highly effective. He handles all the cases with personal concern but it takes time to perform. sometimes weird things happen in life , apart from the effect of your fate; unexpected losses and damages occurs all of a sudden; ideas and feeling cover your mind; you feel that you are controlled by someone. if all these happen, your mind become blank and you think that no one is their for you to help. Just send a mail or contact to Pt. Karuna Anand and get rid with you all problems.
steam therapy
steam therapy
Steam therapy is a predominantly medical treatment prescribed for sufferers of a wide variety of ailments, from hypertension and allergies to cancer and arthritis.ISKA also offer steam therapy as a means of relaxation and body detoxification. The main object of steam therapy is to expose the skin to hot water vapor, which can induce temporary fever, open pores, and promote oxygenation of the blood stream. Treatment can be as informal as sitting in a steam room or standing for an extended time in a hot shower.
colour and oil therapy
colour and oil therapy
Essential oils carry the energy and spiritual properties of the flower or plant from which they are derived. Each essential oil corresponds to a different colour and carries the vibrational energy of that colour. Essential oils remove negativity and work on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
Colour Therapists may use essential oils within massage as another way of applying colour to the body. They may also use essential oil diffusers to disperse the colour vibration within their practice room. Pt. Karuna Anand did lot of research on colour and oil therapy method and strongly believe in making this method available to everyone.
devine treatment
devine treatment
Devine treatment involves various method. But most popular treatment involves hot and cold stones.This therapy goes beyond the physical experience of a typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health, and well being. It uses deep penetration heat from the smooth basalt stones and alternating cold from marble stones. The ultimately goal of the therapy is relaxation that will bring balance into your life and will alleviate chronic and acute pain. The treatment stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems and assists your body with self healing.


    • Astrological and Tantrik research programmes are going on in order to find out root causes of sufferings and their solution.
    • In rural areas programmes are being launched for the betterment of the Environment and Education.
    • ISKA is trying to awake people against pollution and corruption.
    • Foundation stone for ISKA Ashram going to very soon.
 official address
  • International Society for Kali awareness (ISKA)
    N-15/130, K K Sudamapur,
    Varanasi - 221010.
  • Mobile: +91-9839992947
  • eMail: harendrupadhyay@yahoo.com
  • website: http://www.iska.in
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